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Rebel in Blue Jeans

Chapter 1

rebelinbluejeans_cover1_smRebel Ferguson pulled the currycomb across the mare’s broad back. Fine specks of dust floated in the early morning air. A mockingbird sang outside the stables. A lump the size of a barn owl lodged in Rebel’s throat. How could the bird be so happy when her life had been shattered into  millions of pieces? Don’t think about Mom, she told herself. Keep busy.

And she tried. She brushed and brushed Sunrise’s coat until the hair shimmered like a new copper penny. One by one–she counted them–she untangled three sharp burrs from the mare’s coarse mane.

The sudden vroom of a car engine rumbling to life made Rebel’s chest tighten. Even though the driveway was not visible from the stables, she darted to the stall door anyway and looked out the open top section. Rain lingered like teardrops on the red tile roof of the white stucco house nestled among mesquite and cottonwood trees a hundred yards away. Last night’s storm was past, at least the storm outside. The clouds had drifted east, leaving behind a clear blue sky.

But the storm between her parents was etched on Rebel’s heart forever. Oh, they never yelled or fought or said horrible things to each other. They were much too civilized for such childish behavior. Sometimes she wished they would. Anything would be better than the unbearable silence. Except for what had to be said, her parents simply stopped talking to one another. They were polite strangers, and she was caught in the middle, loving them both.

She listened to the hum of her mother’s Jaguar until it faded, leaving behind only the chatter of that annoying bird, the swishing sound of the mare’s tail as she swatted flies, and Rebel’s thoughts. Everyone said she was a carbon copy of her mother. She had the same smoky blue eyes, the same long dark hair, and the same slender build. But outward appearances could be deceiving. Their personalities were complete opposites. Liz Ferguson was a city girl who liked fancy dresses and parties and crowds. Rebel Ferguson was a country girl who preferred jeans, T-shirts, and a few close friends.

End of Excerpt:

Rebel is available as an e-book at Twilight Times Books and Fictionwise.

Rebel is also available in trade paperback at Twilight Times Books and  at Amazon

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4 Flames – Rare Find

“REBEL IN BLUE JEANS is a book teens will love. It’s fun, exciting and very identifiable. Ms. McClure has done an outstanding job with this novel. It’s a book readers will want to read more than once.”

Reviewed by: Fran Shaff, Romance and Children’s novelist, for Word Museum


Beverly Stowe McClure wrote a good book–considered a “YA”-young adult book. Shucks. I haven’t been that young in a while, but I still enjoyed the book. It deals with parents separating and other issues that arise in the lives of young people. I would whole-heartedly recommend it as reading material for both the parents and the teens of parents who must face the confusion caused by separations. While I can pray that this never happens to any of our children or grandchildren, the situation is handled realistically and with genuine understanding. When I hand this one over to the oldest grandson to read, we will get another viewpoint. He will recognize the “good guys” in this story and probably grin at the “boy humor” in many of the scenes.

I hope that Mrs. McClure continues to handle topics of this nature. Her books will definitely find a place on my book shelves and on my gift list. It was definitely worth my trip to Hastings today to meet her and purchase her book.

Reviewed by: Nancy Dickerson (Your Hub)


 “This is one book where from the very first page you are pulled right into the characters and their story. The book opens right as Rebel’s mom is leaving her and her father, and she begins to struggle with the emotional impact that this ‘betrayal’ has on herself and her loved ones. .

“… even as Rebel grows, changes and learns more about herself and the people she cares about, she remains a very level-headed girl who is exactly what I hope my own daughters will be like when they reach the teenage years.”

Reviewed by: momstakeonthings


“I think that Rebel in Blue Jeans is a book that all young adults will relate to. The author tackles the difficult subjects of divorce, young adult relationships, and discovering oneself in an uncertain world. 

I would recommend this book to all young adult readers. I wish Rebel in Blue Jeans had been in print when I was sixteen and tackling some of the same difficult subjects that Rebel faces.”

Reviewed by Susanne Drazig – Putting Words Down on Paper


Thank you for such nice reviews.

Rebel in Blue Jeans

Twilight Times Books

ISBN: 978-1-933353-49-4

Available at and Twilight Times Books



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Rebel in Blue Jeans

What’s a girl to do when her mother runs away with the drummer in a rock band, her friendly relationship with the boy on the neighboring ranch turns serious, and a handsome college guy with a bad reputation takes an interest in her?

Rebel and Friends

Rebel and Friends

To solve her problems, sixteen-year-old Rebel Ferguson decides to do three things:

1. Bring her mother home where she belongs.2. Show her neighbors, Will and Sully Garret, she’s not interested in a serious relationship with either of them.3. Prove to the Garrets, and to herself, that Rick, the cute college guy, is a gentleman.Nothing turns out the way Rebel plans it, however, and she discovers that people are not always what they seem, and she’s a lousy judge of character. If only humans were as trustworthy and dependable as her puppies, cat, and horses. Can she forgive everyone who has disappointed her?  Availiable now as an e-book at Twilight Times Books and Fictionwise  Also the paperback can be purchased at Amazon and at Twilight Times Books. The eBook is now available in Kindle at Amazon.  What people are saying about Rebel:”Ms. McClure has done an excellent job of capturing the range of emotions the young protagonist is going through, the roller coaster of feelings from the cornucopia of life events she is experiencing. In the midst of all the serious and intense story threads woven into this tale, Ms. McClure has built in many humorous antics from some of the characters in this book… I definitely give this book a five star rating and a place on my bookshelf with  my other favorite books.” Nancy Sharpe, author of The Destineers’ Journal of Fantasy Nations, as Recorded by Kylie O’Conner. To learn more about the Destineers, check out Nancy’s Website. ***”Beverly Stowe McClure expertly gets into the mind and actions of the main character. The reader will find themselves cheering for Rebel and all the while wanting to yell at her to make the right decision.”  Donna M. McDine  ***”Many of today’s young people will be able to relate to the sense of betrayal that Rebel feels by her mother’s moving out, and how she struggles between wanting to like her mom’s new boyfriend once she meets him, but feeling like she is then betraying her father. Yet, even as REbel grows, changes and learns more about herself and the people she cares about, she remains a very level-headed girl who is exactly what I hope my own daughters will be like when they reach the teenage years.” Momstakeonthings.

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