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Rebel in Blue Jeans

What’s a girl to do when her mother runs away with the drummer in a rock band, her friendly relationship with the boy on the neighboring ranch turns serious, and a handsome college guy with a bad reputation takes an interest in her?

Rebel and Friends

Rebel and Friends

To solve her problems, sixteen-year-old Rebel Ferguson decides to do three things:

1. Bring her mother home where she belongs.2. Show her neighbors, Will and Sully Garret, she’s not interested in a serious relationship with either of them.3. Prove to the Garrets, and to herself, that Rick, the cute college guy, is a gentleman.Nothing turns out the way Rebel plans it, however, and she discovers that people are not always what they seem, and she’s a lousy judge of character. If only humans were as trustworthy and dependable as her puppies, cat, and horses. Can she forgive everyone who has disappointed her?  Availiable now as an e-book at Twilight Times Books and Fictionwise  Also the paperback can be purchased at Amazon and at Twilight Times Books. The eBook is now available in Kindle at Amazon.  What people are saying about Rebel:”Ms. McClure has done an excellent job of capturing the range of emotions the young protagonist is going through, the roller coaster of feelings from the cornucopia of life events she is experiencing. In the midst of all the serious and intense story threads woven into this tale, Ms. McClure has built in many humorous antics from some of the characters in this book… I definitely give this book a five star rating and a place on my bookshelf with  my other favorite books.” Nancy Sharpe, author of The Destineers’ Journal of Fantasy Nations, as Recorded by Kylie O’Conner. To learn more about the Destineers, check out Nancy’s Website. ***”Beverly Stowe McClure expertly gets into the mind and actions of the main character. The reader will find themselves cheering for Rebel and all the while wanting to yell at her to make the right decision.”  Donna M. McDine  ***”Many of today’s young people will be able to relate to the sense of betrayal that Rebel feels by her mother’s moving out, and how she struggles between wanting to like her mom’s new boyfriend once she meets him, but feeling like she is then betraying her father. Yet, even as REbel grows, changes and learns more about herself and the people she cares about, she remains a very level-headed girl who is exactly what I hope my own daughters will be like when they reach the teenage years.” Momstakeonthings.

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