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Stories for Children Magazine

Stories for Children Magazine

Isn’t this an adorable cover? The art is done by Candace J. Hardy. Inside you’ll find more great illustrations, along with super articles, poems, and stories for children ages 3 to 12. My easy reading story, “Secret Valentine,” is included with the cutest illustration. This magazine is no longer in business. The editors of Stories for Children Magazine has a new blog. You know what’s neat about it? The stories and articles will be illustrated by kids. Take a look at The Kid’s Imagination Train.


“Mothers Hug, Mothers Kiss,” my article for young readers, is in the July issue of Stories for Children Magazine.

 Cover Art by Laura Gonzalez


“Dr. Seuss sparks grandmother’s dream to publish a novel.” My “Breakthrough” article is in the June 2007 issue of The Writer magazine. It describes my long journey to publication.


“Never Too Old” is in the spring 2005 issue of Once Upon a Time. It’s an article about, well, never being too old to do the things you enjoy. Many of them, that is, like writing.


What’s a girl to do when she wants to play in the band, but her family tells her “when she’s older?” “Isabella’s Band” is in Wee Ones, November 2002.


 Ladybug magazine reprinted “Does Your Daddy Carry You On His Toes?” in their April 2002 issue.


“A Mother’s Love” was published in Focus on the Family Clubhouse Jr., in May 2000. Stories for Children reprinted the article July 2008.


“Thank You” is an article on how to write thank you letters. It appeared in the December 1999 Jack and Jill and was reprinted in U. S. Kids, December 2003.


In June 1999, Focus on the Family Clubhouse Jr., published “How Does Your Daddy Carry You?”


“It’s Raining Frogs,” a fun article and activity was published in Jack and Jill, April 1997.


The above are some examples of my work.


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