Excerpt Secrets I Have Kept

07 May

Chapter 1

secretsihavekeptmysite-2Jennifer Barret glanced at the clock on the white wicker table beside her bed for at least the hundredth time that night. Midnight. She paced, her arms hugged across her chest.

“Where are you, Dad?” she whispered. “Why are you so late?”

She paused  by the phone, lifted the receiver, and dialed her father’s office at Orion Laboratories. The answering machine clicked on. She hung up. Something was wrong. But what?

In her mind she played back her father’s phone call earlier. How long ago was it? Six o’clock, she thought. She was on her way out the door to go to the basketball game with her best friend, Iris, when he called. Saxet High was one win away from the state tounament, but her dad told her to stay home until he got there. He had sounded tense, jittery, even frightened. So she obeyed. And that was the last she had heard from him.

She tossed a pile of shirts and jeans to one side, flopped down on her bed, and ruffled the ears of the blue-speckled dog curled on the pillows. “Dad’s not at work, Chopin,” she said. “Where do you suppose he is?”

The dog opened one eye a hairline crack and yawned.

Jen joked to hide the unease growing inside her. “What’s that you say, boy? You think Dad is at Lani’s, doing whatever old people do on a date? Do they kiss?

She wrinkled her nose at the thought. “If Dad is at Lani’s, then why did he order me to stay home, when he hasn’t shown up? Thanks to his phone call, I missed the most important game of the season.” She sighed. “I don’t understand him anymore. Ever since he met Lani he’s acted like a lovesick schoolboy, while here I sit, bored to death. It isn’t fair.”



“The romance in this story is curl-your-toes sweet–the perfect relationship for a true first love. This is a must-read for summer entertainment for girls ages 11 and up.” Wanda Horton, Blue Iris Journal


“Computers, animals, burlaries, motor-cycle accidents and stormy weather make this novel a suspenseful read with plenty of page-turning excitement. I am looking forward to more from this writer. 5 stars.” M. Poulson-vick for Sharpwriters

ISBN:  1-59088-563-5

Available at or Wings ePress, Inc.

My YA mystery, Secrets I Have Kept, is now available on Kindle at Amazon, Germany, and in the UK. How cool is that? The book is still in English, but you can order it for your Kindle from Click here. Secrets is also available at Amazon in Kindle and trade paperback. See more about Secrets I Have Kept in Excerpts.

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