“Listen to the butterfly” – Beverly Stowe McClure, Literary Classics Award Winning Author, Under the Purple Moon

I was cleaning bookshelves a couple of days ago and was so fascinated about some genealogy research I’ve done. Do you enjoy learning about your ancestors? I do but have not done any research for years, except what I did when writing my Orphan Train story. I discovered old, old pictures I had completely forgotten about. One day I hope to go through them all and finish putting them in folders I have for each family line. There’s probably a lot of good ideas for new stories in the letters and information I received. When I started researching my mother’s life for my book, I learned so much. It takes a lot of time, but worth the effort to me. I’ve mentioned the Orphan Trains before. And there is a lot of great information out there for me to learn more.

CLC Winner A Family for Leona


A lot of this story is fiction because I knew very little about my mother’s childhood. But the orphanage is the one she was in, she rode the train to Texas, and a year later her baby sister was sent to Texas too. I enjoyed imagining what her life was like, using what she told me and also my imagination.

For those of you who have young readers, tweens to teens, who like history and decide to order a paper back or hard back copy of A Family For Leona, let me know and I’m giving away lovely handkerchiefs to the first two readers that notify me of your purchase. In the story, Leona’s mother gives her a handkerchief before she dies and Leona treasures it. You’ll also see what she does with it when you or your young reader takes a look at the story.


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    • Thank you for a lovely comment, Mark. Smiles are better than frowns, always. Your enthusiasm is wonderful. Enjoying your writing makes it more enjoyable and traveling a lot most likely gives you a lot of great ideas to write about.
      I appreciate you stopping by. Finally deleted my other comment. Have no idea what I did. I am computer challenged. Stop by anytime. My post will be changed this week. I’m sort of behind in everything.

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