“Listen to the butterfly” – Beverly Stowe McClure, Literary Classics Award Winning Author, Under the Purple Moon

If you’re an author, what do you think about contests? Do you think they’re worth the money to enter? Does a winning book increase your sales.

If you’re a reader and not a writer does seeing a gold, silver, or bronze winner sticker on a book entice you read the novel?

Just curious. I’m considering entering a couple of contests and wondered what everyone’s opinion is.

When my work has been honored with an award, I’m happy.  So, I suppose that’s what matters. How it makes me feel. How does it make you feel?

I’ll leave you with those thoughts. Have a super week.

CLC Winner A Family for Leona


Middle Grade, Tween historical fiction novel.

Children’s Literary Classics Gold, 2017

CLC Under_a_Purple_Moon

Young Adult Contemporary Novel

Children’s Literary Classics Silver, 2017

I’m happy! How about you?

Have a lovely week.








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