“Listen to the butterfly” – Beverly Stowe McClure, Literary Classics Award Winning Author, Under the Purple Moon

You see my Meme above. Let me tell you a little about it. I love butterflies, as if you couldn’t guess. So, when my novel won a silver award last year in the Children’s Literary Classics Awards, they wanted to make a Meme for me. They did not do it just for me, but for for the other award winners, too. Anyhow, I thought and thought about what would be good, and guess what. Yes, I came up with the butterfly, which is appropriate because in UNDER A PURPLE MOON, the novel that won the award in its category, the girl says something about listening to the butterfly.


Every year Monarch Butterflies pass through our area on the way to Mexico for the winter and then fly back through on their way home. This year, I did not see many. Then I read that they were stuck up north, unable to fly because of the weather. Sad, because many of them will not survive, for lack of food. Hopefully, some were able to leave a little later. Have you ever seen the Monarchs flying? They are a beautiful sight.



This is a picture I took last year when the Monarchs flew through our area. They usually stay around for a few days, and are a beautiful sight to see. Our pasture has these lovely wild flowers for them to dine on and big trees for them to roost in.

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