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Thirteen-year-old Erik Burks’ life is falling apart. When he discovers a lace
bra in the glove compartment of his dad’s car, his mom leaves his father and
drags Erik from being king of the hill in Texas to the bottom of the pits in
South Carolina. No Dad, no baseball, no friends, just Starry Knight (a girl who
reads minds) and her equally weird brother, Stormy, the twins that live down the



“Families splitting apart.

Friends coming together.

And a pair of ghosts who need some serious help from the living.
Yup! That’s the makings of a terrific tween book! Once again, Beverly Stowe McClure has worked her magic and written a winner of a ghost story. Only, it’s much more than a ghost story. It’s also about Erik Burks learning what is truly important in life with the help of a pair of adventurous twins, Stormy and Starry Knight. (Love their names!)” Darby Karchut, Author of the Griffin Series and Finn Finnegan Series
What a great tween adventure! This book has everything for kids who like action, mystery, pirates, and ghosts. Beverly Stowe McClure very cleverly intersperses real piratical and nautical facts between her fictionalized account of the feud between (historical figures) Major Stede Bonnet and Edward Teach aka Blackbeard. Danger abounds when Erik and his friends board the pirate ghost ship and set sail on their quest to resolve the ghosts’ issues. Magic and mayhem keep the action going, without being too scary. I liked the author’s handling of Erik’s inner turmoil, his confusion over his father’s behavior, and his longing for his life and friends back in Texas. A subtle theme is how children deal with parental break-ups. The author creates a lovely character in Erik, which kids will relate to very well. Very enjoyable. Recommended. Reviewed by Fiona Ingram for Readers’ Favorite.

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Listen to the Ghost

YA Paranormal

YA Paranormal




Finalist in the Dream Realm Awards Competition

Finalist in the Dream Realm Awards Competition

From Chapter 1


Jade heard it again, the same musical sound that had kept her awake half the night. Someone was singing. The light, airy tune reminded her of wind chimes, blowing in a gentle breeze.

But that cannot be, she thought. I’m alone. Elaine is in her room across the hall. David is in his. Last night, I thought it a dream, but I’m awake now, and the voice seems real, as real as my own.

I’m hallucinating,” she said aloud, the sound of her own voice comforting. “Nobody here but me and my wildimagination.”

To prove her point, Jade sat up in bed and skimmed a quick look around the room. Early morning light shimmered through the open window. White lace curtains floated lazily over the window seat. Her luggage sat at the foot of her canopy bed where she had piled it last night. She’d been too tired after the long drive from Texas to Charleston to unpack. She made a mental note to do so after she returned from the festival.

Her paintings were stacked against the wall, next to the fireplace. The singing had ceased now. Everything appeared normal. She tapped her ear lightly. “Maybe I should have my hearing checked.”

She swallowed nervously. “And what should I do about the prickly feeling on the back of my neck, as if eyes are watching me? Ignore it? Right. I probably ate something yesterday that caused a chemical imbalance in my system. Result–temporary insanity. So stop worrying, Jade Dalton. The festival awaits you.

Available at Twilight Times Books and Amazon

ISBN: 1-933353.51.1

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Sadly, I have nothing new scheduled. I’m waiting for Star of the Team’s release to set up a tour and signing.

Soon, I hope. Soon.


I’ll be having a book signing, Saturday, November 2, 2013

Where:  Hastings Books, Music, and Videos.

Wichita Falls, TX

Time: 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Several of my books, from picture books to  teen books, will be available.

Perfect gifts for those Christmas stockings.

Stop by and help me celebrate. It’s also my birthday.


I’m excited to announce that my Virtual Book Tour for my Tween Paranormal A PIRATE, A BLOCKADE RUNNER, AND A CAT starts on Monday, October 7, 2013. Here is the schedule. If you have a chance stop by one of the blogs and join in on the fun. See you there.


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Well, the Hop into Spring Craft Show has come and gone. I had a splendid time. They even put my picture in the local newspaper.

Iowa Park Craft Show

Here’s what the nice librarian wrote about me.
Beverly McClure is a writer. She has nine published books for children, teens and young adults. One of the latest books is an e-book, ghost story named “A Pirate, a Blockade Runner, and a Cat”. Beverly is a retired teacher, and used to teach 2nd and 5th grades here, in Iowa Park. She started writing magazine articles about 20 years ago, and her stories were based on what had happened in her class. Now she enjoys writing books ‘full time” and most of them are fiction. If you have read or heard of Chicken Soup for the Soul series, Beverly McClure has her story “Traveler” published in one of them, Chicken Soup for the Soul “What I Learned from the Dog”, 101 Stories about Life, Love and Lessons. Everybody who bought her books during the show also got a chance to have them autographed by the author.
I’m ready for the next show.


When: Saturday, April 20

Time: 9 AM – 3 PM

Where: Tom Burnett Memorial Library

400 W. Alameda

Iowa Park, TX 76367

All sorts of handmade crafts will be available.

You can also pick up signed copies of my books, from my picture book, Frankie’s Perfect Home, and my early reader, Tumbleweed Christmas, to my books for tweens and teens. Hope to see you there.  

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Listen to the Ghost

A ghost who doesn’t want to be a ghost.
A girl who wants to forget her ex-boyfriend with the lying lips.
A one-hundred-year-old neighbor who talks in riddles.
A handsome sax player who changes everything.


All Jade Dalton wants to do is show her paintings at Charleston, South Carolina’s annual Piccolo Spoleto Festival, forget her ex-boyfriend and his lying lips, and prove she’s as perfect as her brother, David, though she knows that last is impossible. So how does she end up with a mischievous ghost who doesn’t want to be a ghost, a gorgeous musician who changes her opinion about guys, and a one-hundred-year old neighbor who talks in riddles?
Available in trade paperback at Twilight Times Books and Amazon
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